Employment Law

5 HR Problems Our Care Provider Clients Have Faced

  1. Pay Disputes: Our client experienced challenging behaviour from an employee following the restructuring of their pay. Advice was provided which nipped the problem in the bud in days.
  2. Employee’s Joining Competitors: A senior employee left our client to take up employment with a local competitor. A letter was subsequently sent to both the employee and competitor in question, leading to the withdrawal of the job offer.
  3. Dealing with a Poor Performer: Our client was faced with an employee who consistently failed to meet expectations. Having been employed for more than 2 years (and therefore protected from unfair dismissal) our client was at risk of a Tribunal claim. We stepped in with the employee’s performance still not meeting the required standard. They were dismissed fairly with no subsequent action being taken against our client.
  4. Managing Sickness: Faced with a long-serving employee who had been absent from the workplace for several months, our client was concerned as to how to manage such absence. With our assistance, a process was put in place which ultimately led to the dismissal of the employee after having followed a fair procedure. No subsequent action followed.
  5. Misconduct: Our client encountered repeated lateness, failure to report absence and generally challenging behaviour from a member of staff employed by the provider for in excess of 8 years. We organised an investigation into the alleged misconduct, undertook a meeting with the staff member and thereafter produced an investigation report. A disciplinary hearing was held and a written warning handed down. Just two weeks later the member of staff in question resigned with no further action following.

Employment disputes can be costly, distracting and time consuming. They can interfere with and damage your business and in the event that they do arise you must deal with them quickly and in the most efficient manner available.

From day one, an employee has in excess of 80 legal rights and the ever changing nature of employment law makes it more and more difficult for employers to stay on the right side of the law.  Our Employment and HR Team can provide you with all the advice that you need to stay compliant and instead focus on your growing your business.

We can advise you on the whole employment cycle from advertising for positions, job descriptions, interviewing, terms and conditions and employment contracts through to promotion, sickness, holiday, disability, maternity, performance management and finally grievance, disciplinary, dismissal, appeal, enforcement of restrictive covenants and the defence of Employment Tribunal proceedings.

We have within our team an ACAS qualified mediator who can help to resolve disputes quickly and cost effectively.

Our expert lawyers are only ever a phone call away and are available to provide you with the tools to grow your team and manage and close down problems when they arise.

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