Acquisitions & Disposals

Attwells Commercial Property Team combines impressive technical ability with an innate commercial mindedness to produce an ideal service for our health and social care clients.

We will take the time to understand your priorities and the specific issues affecting your business. We place emphasis on building a strong personal relationship with you so that we can more easily accommodate your style of working.

If you are looking to expand your business either by purchasing or leasing new premises, Attwells will negotiate the best possible terms.

If your business owns its own investment portfolio, we will make sure that you receive a full FRI lease with a clean income stream, every time.

If you are looking for help in navigating the tricky world of finance, we have considerable experience of acting for health and social care professionals, whether you are funding your first care home or refinancing or expanding your existing business.

In a competitive market, the speed and diligence of your lawyer is key. With Attwells, your lawyer will be proactive in pushing your matter forward to an efficient and satisfactory conclusion. Attwells advise landlords and tenants, large and small, on all types of letting with particular expertise in the health and social care sector.

5 Mistakes a Care Provider makes when renting

  • Failure to understand the liability of an FRI Lease. Be sure to understand the extent of your repairing obligation. Is it an FRI lease? Are you responsible for the upkeep of the structure? Have you had a survey to ascertain whether the structure is in good repair?
  • Failure to ensure flexibility for disposal. Make sure you can group company share. Make sure if the premises divides vertically or horizontally that you can sublet part too. Tenant break clause on 3 months notice no restrictions. The property market is uncertain.
  • Avoid security. Don’t give a personal guaratee unless you have to. Keep business and personal finances separate. Don’t tie up valuable cash in a rent deposit limiting cash-flow. Make sure that any security given can be released following 3 years’ of successful trading.
  • Make sure you have a right to renew. Many providers are finding they are having to accept too high rents and other terms because they have no legal rights to stay on at the end of the term.
  • Avoid a headline rent. Sneaky rent review clauses can lead to the creation of a rent on review of in excess of the market rent. This is a headline rent.


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