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Simply Selling

Selling your family home can be an emotional time especially if it was not your choice or not one you wanted to make. We can help you by easing the stress by making the conveyancing process quick and easy. 

Attwells Solicitors are property law experts, we specialise in jargon-free law. Our aim is to offer you practical advice as well as legal support during this time. Our conveyancing team will be happy to talk you through any concerns you may have. We will do our upmost to progress your conveyancing matter as quickly as possible. 

To arrange your conveyancing now simply click the link below. We will ask you to complete a brief form and pay a small deposit. This will be deducted from your final conveyancing bill which is not due until you exchange contracts. 


Guidance of those needing to sell their home

Once you have arranged your conveyancer you may be keen to know the following:

Moving due to a separation or divorce

Firstly, we would recommend you research how much your current property is worth. You can do this via Zoopla. They will offer you an average price based on your postcode and a price range based on the type of house you have. Depending on the condition of your house you may be toward the top or bottom end of the range. Features such as a new or recently installed central heating system, kitchen and bathroom can increase the price for example. Likewise features such as solid hardwood flooring and open fires can also increase your asking price. 

Once you have established the value of your home you need to deduct your outstanding mortgage. This figure will give you your equity - the money left over and have made. This money is shared equally between you both if you don’t have a Declaration of Trust.  

For example, if your home is worth £250,000 and you have £120,000 remaining on your mortgage, then your equity is £130,000. This means you would receive £65,000.  

If you are selling a property due to a divorce or separation it is worth letting your conveyancer know. Upon request your conveyancer for example can ensure that letters are sent to another address. 

Due to a law called ‘conflict of interest’ you will not be able to use the same solicitors as your ex-partner. When you arrange your conveyancer, they will be able to help you with this. Undertaking a sale or purchase due to a relationship breakdown is common. We know most, if not all of the pitfalls and will be able to achieve best possible outcome for you.

You can get things moving quicker by arranging your conveyancing now. This will allow us to complete a large amount of the legal paperwork prior to you making an offer. This will result in you moving up to 4 weeks earlier. 


The Cost of Selling a Home

  • Estate Agents Fees – Estate agents normally charge sellers between 1-1.5% of the sale price.

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) fees can be between £35 to £120. Some properties are exempt for EPC and others will already have an existing certificate. This is the responsibility of the seller only. 

  • Our Legal Fees – Your legal fees are based on the property value. As you are buying your first home these are likely to be lower. You can calculate your legal fee by clicking here.

  • Land Registry Fees – Again this depends on the value of your property and if you are purchasing as a freeholder or as leaseholder. From £0 to £80,000 the fees are £20-£40. From £80,0001 to £100,000 they are £40-£80. £100,0001 to £200,000 you’ll pay between £95-£190. The next bracket, £200,001 to £500,000 you’ll pay £135-£270. For a property between £500,001 to £1,000,000 the fees are £270-£540 and finally for properties over £1,000,000 its between £455-£910.

  • Removal Costs – This very much depends on your needs. If you are moving out of a furnished home you may find it useful to hire a removal firm, locally Move It offer a packing and delivery service. If you have less to move you may find hiring a van is much more cost effective. In Ipswich Gallagher Car and Van Rentals offer van rental form £48.60 per day. In Colchester we would recommend Thrifty Car and Van Rental, their prices start from £73.98 per day. These companies also supply van hire across the East Anglia.



All our conveyancers are fully trained and supported by property solicitors. Our focus is on client care and jargon-free law. This is measured by our Feefo reviews. We use tags to allow us to review the performance of individual conveyancers, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

Who will do my work?

Your matter will be undertaken by those listed in our staff slider. This is located left or at the bottom of the page.

The Overall Conveyancing Process

When selling a house especially if it's for the first time it’s natural to feel unsure and concerned about the process, however Attwells are here to help. Below we have outlined the conveyancing process, all the stages required to sell your home. 

  • Accepting the quote: Simply click the accept button within your email or agree the fee over the phone.
  • Paying money onto your account: This effectively allows us to create a matter for you.
  • Welcome pack: We will ask you to complete a few forms which will help us progress your conveyancing. This can be done digitally – so please ask for a paper-free version. 
  • Instruct your mortgage valuation: This will also include a survey of the property.
  • Searches: We will undertake searches for you of the local utilities and authorities.

  • Draft Contracts: We will receive your draft contract and ownership information. 
  • Review contracts: Review and approves the contract. Plus, the ownership information and raise enquiries with the seller.
  • Searches are back: We will have received the results of all searches of the statutory authorities.
  • Send reports: We will send reports on the property, contract and mortgage and obtain confirmation of how you will own the property.
  • Send you documents to sign: We will also require your 10% deposit.

  • The moving date is agreed: All documents and the deposit are received from you. The contract is now exchanged, and purchase is now binding.
  • Statement: You will receive a statement as to money required to complete.  Your mortgage fundswill be requested from your mortgage provider.
  • Completed: Move in and receive the keys

Timescale for Selling:

Week 1: Instruct Attwells, pay money on account and complete the property information forms.

Week 2: Attwells issues the contract and ownership information to the buyer’s solicitors.

Week 3 to 4: Attwells agrees the contract and will help you satisfy all enquiries from the buyer’s solicitors.

Week 5: Moving date agreed and contracts exchanged - This makes the sale binding.

Week 5 to 6: You now have a guaranteed moving date. You can make arrangements and start packing. You will need to sign completion documents with Attwells. You will receive a statement showing the amount you will receive on completion.

Week 7: Complete. Move out and handover keys, any mortgage is redeemed and you should renew or make a will.

Please note: Attwells Solicitors have produced this timescale as a guide only. Your transaction may take longer depending on your circumstances. For more information, please contact your conveyancer.