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Offer Ready - Fast Track Your Conveyancing

Offer Ready is an exclusive service from Attwells Solicitors. This new approach to conveyancing allows home buyers to up front some of the conveyancing work free of charge, however you must instruct Attwells before you make an offer.

Whilst you browse for a home Attwells will: 

  • Verify your Identity for Attwells and an Estate Agent 
  • Understand and evidence your Deposit for Attwells and an Estate Agent  
  • Prove Funding for the purchase for Attwells and an Estate Agent  
  • Be ready to start the legal work immediately on sale agreed

This will save you on average over 4 weeks. 


By having this legal work completed you will have a greater chance of making a successful offer and moving quickly. We will provide your Offer Ready Certificate to your Estate Agent all free of charge. The Offer Ready Certificate will demonstrate to that Estate Agent that you have met all the steps to be Offer Ready.

This method of conveyancing is recommended by property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.

“Ask about the buyer’s position. Go with the one who can proceed. It’s easy for the buyer to say I’ve got a mortgage in principle. Ask for the details.” Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp’s Guide for Buyers and Sellers by Hugh Graham of The Sunday Times, May 2020.


Be Offer Ready with Attwells

Many of the traditional solicitors will not entertain this method due to the up-front costs they occur. But Attwells believe it’s important to get the country moving again. Therefore, we are willing to begin working on your conveyancing straight away at no extra cost.

To become Offer Ready click the link below. 

If you are happy with our quote you can proceed by filling in your details and paying a small sum to complete our identification checks, which will be deducted from your conveyancing costs. 


Choosing the right conveyancing for you

The most common irritation when buying your house is the time it takes, as you require a number of legal documents to be finalised prior to a completion date being agreed.

This is exacerbated by solicitors being notoriously slow however, Attwells are different. We are leading property law experts, specialising in conveyancing. We utilise technology to speed up the process and take a common-sense approach. This method has allowed us to develop a new way of undertaking conveyancing. Our Offer Ready pack have been designed to progress your purchase faster, by up fronting the work. 


Our Conveyancers

All our conveyancers are fully trained and supported by property solicitors. Our focus is on client care and jargon-free law. This is measured by our Feefo reviews. We use tags to allow us to review the performance of individual conveyancers, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

Who will do my work?

Your matter will be undertaken by those listed in our staff slider. This is located left or at the bottom of the page.

Offer Ready is must have conveyancing service for anyone buying a property

Buying a home can take up to 140 days. This is the equivalent to 5 months from agreeing price to completion. To make this process much quicker Attwells Solicitors have produced an Offer Ready conveyancing service. 

By arranging your conveyancing early, even prior to making an offer, we can undertake a lot of the boring legal paperwork whilst your browsing, ultimately meaning you move home much quicker. Up to 35 days quicker! That’s just over a month.

Offer Ready will also mean that when you put your offer to the Estate Agent you can provide your Attwells Offer Ready Certificate demonstrating that your funding is in place and you are ready to go now. This will mean that your bid is more likely to be the winning bid. 

When buying a house, it’s natural to feel unsure and concerned about the process, however Attwells are here to help. Below we have outlined the conveyancing process, all the stages required.


The Conveyancing Process

Firstly, you need to arrange your conveyancer as soon as possible.  If you have done this the following stages can be completed prior to you making an offer on a property.

  1. Accepting the quote: Simply click the accept button within your email or agree the fee over the phone.
  2. Paying money onto your account: This effectively allows us to create a matter for you.
  3. Welcome pack: We will ask you to complete a few forms which will help us progress your conveyancing. This can be done digitally – so please ask for a paper-free version. 
  4. Instruct your mortgage valuation: This will also include a survey of the property.
  5. Searches: We will undertake searches for you of the local utilities and authorities.

Then once you have made an offer, we can start these stages:

  1. Review contracts: Review and approves the contract. Plus, the ownership information and raise enquiries with the seller.
  2. Searches are back: We will have received the results of all searches of the statutory authorities.
  3. Send reports: We will send reports on the property, contract and mortgage and obtain confirmation of how you will own the property.
  4. Send you documents to sign: We will also require your 10% deposit.
  5. The moving date is agreed: All documents and the deposit are received from you. The contract is now exchanged, and purchase is now binding.
  6. Statement: You will receive a statement as to money required to complete, this will be requested from your mortgage provider.
  7. Completed: Move in and receive the keys. 
  8. Draft Contracts: We will receive your draft contract and ownership information. 
  9. Completed: Move in and receive the keys. 

Share Your Experience 

The best form of marketing is word of mouth therefore, we encourage our clients to share their experience with Attwells. 

We would be delighted if you could share posts on social media relating to other service plus recommend friends and family.  

After you’ve moved you will have the opportunity to complete a Feefo review. We use this feedback back to improve our service and to reward our conveyancers.

FAQ’s Offer Ready 

Why should I get offer ready when I have not found a property to buy yet? 

It takes on average 5 months to buy a house from when your offer is accepted, if you let us get you “offer ready” you dramatically reduce this time as we will have carried out your client checks in advance.

What will you need from me to get offer ready?

We will need for you to carry out identity checks via our online system, which is quick, easy and can be done from your smartphone and to also provide us with paperwork to support where your deposit funds are being held and came from. We will also need to see a copy of your offer in principle from your mortgage lender. 


Does this increase my fees?

There is no increase to your legal fees with Attwells, as this is work that we have had to undertake on your behalf during the course of your property purchase but we are happy to undertake these checks for you for free in advance of you finding a house to buy. The only cost to you is £40 on account so that that we can undertake your identity checks using our new online system. 


Can we give the offer ready certificate to more than one estate agent?

We will send you your offer ready certificate electronically so there is no limit of estate agents that you can provide this to. 

Why will being offer ready mean my offer is more likely to be accepted?

By being offer ready the Estate Agent will be able to confirm to the sellers of the property that you are offer ready and that your ability to be able to financially proceed with the property has been qualified by your Solicitor. The seller will know that you are a serious buyer as you have undertaken these checks up front and have demonstrated your financial ability to proceed.