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Move Ready - Fast Track Your Conveyancing

Move Ready is an exclusive service from Attwells Solicitors. This new approach to conveyancing allows homeowners to sell their home faster by up fronting most of the conveyancing legal paperwork free of charge provided you instruct Attwells to do the conveyancing. You must instruct Attwells’ Move Ready service before or at the same time as you go to market with an estate agent. 


The benefits to Move Ready are that the following legal requirements will be completed prior to an offer being made:

  • Ownership documents
  • Planning, building regulations and guarantees
  • The usual enquiries of the Seller 
  • Replies to the anticipated enquiries of a buyers
  • Searches of all the relevant authorities 

By providing all the upfront information on your property you are reducing the risk of the sale falling through by 50%.


This method of conveyancing is recommended by the Government and property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.

Before you begin to think about putting your property on the market, you should spend some time getting your paperwork together and making your home sale ready” - How to Sell a Home by MHCLG, September 2019.

“Get your solicitor to pre-prepare a contract, so when you agree a deal, it can go out. Have the paperwork and deeds ready to go.” Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp’s Guide for Buyers and Sellers by Hugh Graham of The Sunday Times, May 2020.

To save time, money and stress Instruct Attwells today.


Be Move Ready with Attwells

Many of the traditional solicitors will not entertain this method due to the up-front costs they occur. But Attwells believe it’s important to get the country moving again. Therefore, we are willing to begin working on your conveyancing straightaway at no extra cost.

Be Move Ready please click the link below. 

If you are happy with our quote you can proceed by filling in your details and paying a small sum to complete our identification checks, which will be deducted from your conveyancing costs. 


Choosing the right conveyancing for you

The most common irritation when selling your house is the time it takes, as you require a number of legal documents to be finalised prior to a completion date being agreed.

This is exacerbated by solicitors being notoriously slow however, Attwells are different. We are leading property law experts, specialising in conveyancing. We utilise technology to speed up the process and take a common-sense approach. This method as allowed us to develop a new way of undertaking conveyancing. Our Move Ready Pack has been designed to progress your sell faster, by up fronting the work. 

Our Conveyancers

All our conveyancers are fully trained and supported by property solicitors. Our focus is on client care and jargon-free law. This is measured by our Feefo reviews. We use tags to allow us to review the performance of individual conveyancers, ensuring you and your clients the best possible service.

Who will do my work?

Your matter will be undertaken by those listed in our staff slider. This is located left or at the bottom of the page.


Move Ready is must have conveyancing service for anyone selling a property

The Conveyancing Process

Selling a home can take up to 140 days. This is the equivalent to 5 months from agreeing price to completion. To make this process much quicker Attwells Solicitors have produced a Move Ready conveyancing service. 

This allows you to arrange your conveyancing early, prior to you accepting an offer. By doing this you can get a lot of the boring legal paperwork done whilst your buyer is browsing, ultimately meaning you move home quicker. Within a matter of days if you have a cash buyer! Within a month if you have a buyer who is not in a chain! Even in chains you have now effectively completed one link in the chain!

When selling a house, it’s natural to feel unsure and concerned about the process, however Attwells are here to help. 

Below we have outlined the typical conveyancing process, all the stages required to sell a home.

  1. Instruct your Conveyancer as soon as possible. 
  2. Accepting the quote: Simply click the accept button within your email or agree the fee over the phone.
  3. Paying money onto your account: This effectively allows us to create a matter for you.
  4. Welcome pack: We will ask you to complete a few forms which will help us progress your conveyancing. This can be done digitally – so please ask for a paper-free version. 
  5. Draft Contracts: We will send out your draft contract and ownership information. 
  6. Deal with Enquiries: We will reply to enquiries raised with your help.
  7. Send you documents to sign.
  8. The moving date is agreed: All documents are received from you. The contract is now exchanged, and purchase is now binding.
  9. Statement: You will receive a statement as to money required to complete, this will include the repayment of your mortgage.
  10. Completed: Handover keys and receive your money. 

By being Move Ready you can skip to stage 7 immediately upon a price being agreed.

Share Your Experience 

The best form of marketing is word of mouth therefore, we encourage our clients to share their experience with Attwells. 

We would be delight if you could share posts on social media relating to other service plus recommend friends and family. Every person you recommend will receive a 10% discount. 

After you’ve moved you will have the opportunity to complete a Feefo review. We use this feedback back to improve our service and to reward our conveyancers.


Why would my buyer be able to exchange that quickly?

As we will have undertaken all the required searches and carried out a thorough review of the results and also your title and will provide our findings in advance to the buyers solicitors, their title investigation will therefore take them less time as we will have pre-empted and solved any potential issues or hurdles in advance of them happening.

For example, if there are planning permissions that are revealed in the searches that are needed we will obtain these and include them in your move ready pack. 

If there are title defects, we will have already obtained an insurance policy to cover the risk and solve the issue.


What is in the pack? 

  1. Your title documents 
  2. Full official local and drainage search 
  3. An environmental search
  4. Any guarantees that you have
  5. A completed seller property information form 
  6. A report from us as your solicitor with a list of pre-empted enquiries and the responses to enable the buyer’s solicitors to report to their client on day one 

Why do I need my sale to happen that quickly?

The average length of a sale from offer accepted to completion is 5 months and getting longer. 

There is a 35% chance of the sale collapsing in the first 3 weeks, giving your buyers all of the information that they need up front this is less likely to be the case.

The average cost of a failed property sale is £2700, let us help you prevent that loss. 

Providing all the upfront information on your property reduces the risk of your sale falling through by 50% that’s huge! 

Will everyone now be doing this?

This is strongly endorsed by the Government and their advice is: 

“before you begin to think about putting your property on the market you should spend some time getting your paperwork together and making you property sale ready” 

This will soon become the norm, so why not let us do this for you for free so that you can save time, money and stress.


Is this not just a HIP? They didn’t work! 

This is not a HIP. The pack will contain official searches whereas a HIP had personal searches which are not acceptable to all lenders or solicitors so these will not need to be re-done by the buyer’s solicitors. The pack is being prepared by a lawyer not an IT platform so all of the information will have been checked and qualified by a lawyer. So the information that is being provided is meaningful and allows for your sale to proceed with speed.

Is the pack really free?

Subject to our Terms and Conditions and you using our conveyancing services your pack will not require any upfront fees from you other than our standard £50 on account to enable us to undertake our AML searches and is FREE for an initial six month period. You will only have to pay for your pack if your property does not sell within six months or you decide to withdraw from the market and stay in your current property. 


How long does it take to get my pack ready?

On average it will take 2-3 weeks to get your pack fully ready, as this is the time that it usually takes for the local authority to compile and return you official local authority search. 

How long is the pack valid for?

Once completed your pack will be valid and capable of being used for 6 months. After 6 months the local authority search would be out of date and not acceptable to a buyer’s mortgage company. 


What do you need me the seller to do to get move ready?

As the seller of the property, we would need you to complete a property information form and provide us with any paperwork that you have in relation to the property such as guarantees, planning permissions etc..

How long will it take off the conveyancing if I am in a chain?

When you are in a chain of transactions, so you are either buying on or your buyers have a property that they are selling, exchange can only take place once all parties are ready to go ahead. Your property sale will be ready before the other links in the chain but no guarantee can be given as to how quickly everyone else will be ready but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your property is “move ready” and that your sale will not have any hiccups or delays. 

What happens if I move agent?

If you decide to move agents during the selling of your house, your pack will simply just move too.