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Attwells Solicitors are conveyancing solicitors who specialise in residential and remortgaging conveyancing offering fixed fees.

You can receive an instant online conveyancing quote via our online calculator. Our conveyancing fees reflect the level of service you will receive and the speed in which your transaction will take place.



Attwells Solicitors have three offices across the East of England. Our head office is in Ipswich, close to many of the local estate agents. Sun Buildings, Princes Street is home to many of our conveyancing lawyers. In addition, Attwells has a Colchester office on North Hill and an office on St. John’s Wood High Street, based in North London.

Our conveyancing team is supported by the broader property focus of Attwells. Our association with other property professionals, such as the Conveyancing Association provides you with the peace of mind you deserve. Unlike most conveyancers, Attwells is a solicitor’s firm therefore we are able to offer you commercial conveyancing, as well as legal support with property disputeswillstax, and declaration of trusts.

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All our conveyancers are fully trained and supported by property solicitors. Our focus is on client care and jargon-free law. This is measured by our Feefo reviews. We use tags to allow us to review the performance of individual conveyancers, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

Who will do my work?

Your matter will be undertaken by those listed in our staff slider. This is located left or at the bottom of the page.

Conveyancing Experts in Essex, Suffolk & London

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a term given to the legal transaction of the ownership of a property or piece of land. Attwells Solicitors employ conveyancing solicitors and licensed conveyancers, to ensure our clients receive the best possible conveyancing service.

What does a conveyancer do?

Our team of conveyancers assist you with all the legal administrative work required to lawfully transfer ownership of a property or piece of land. Once you instruct Attwells we will begin liaising with a range of organisations connected to your transaction, such as local authorities, utility companies and Land Registry. Attwells are committed to jargon-free conveyancing and will report back to you our progress.

When do I pay?

Attwells Solicitors will ask you for a payment on account to cover any third-party disbursements, this is to cover the cost of your searches or a copy of your title documents. If you are selling a property, we will ask for a payment of up to £50. If you are purchasing a property, we will ask for a payment of up to £450.

Attwells legal fees will only become payable upon successfully exchanging contracts in accordance with our no move, no fee guarantee.



Buying or selling a home is often considered a stressful time for many people. And whilst property law firm Attwells can’t guarantee everything else will go without a hitch (when does that ever happen?), our refreshing, streamlined and transparent approach to conveyancing will take the strain out of the legal side of things. For a start, our transaction times are four times faster than the national average… and that’s just the beginning of what we offer our clients:

Quick completions. When conveyancing is slow, exchange dates often have to be pushed back, resulting in more costs, anxiety and inconvenience for buyers and sellers alike. At Attwells,’ our customer focused approach is all about getting those keys exchanged without delay, and cutting down wait times as much as possible. By making sure your transaction is a priority from the moment you instruct them, they’re able to complete several times faster than the national average.

Online quoting in minutes. You can get an instant quote 24/7 with our online conveyancing calculator. Your quote will even include a breakdown of the costs involved in your purchase or sale, such as legal fees, HMRC stamp duty and HMLY land registry fees. This fixed fee package comes with no surprises, and in most cases costs are payable on completion.

  1. Get off to a flying start – quote, instruction, funds on account.
  2. Order time consuming items (management pack, searches and redemption) early as soon as possible.
  3. Be proactive (prevention is better than cure)
  4. Use the telephone and not email
  5. Communication is key – build relationships with estate agents and use them to assist and chase also.

For more information regarding conveyancing please email our conveyancing team. Interesting information can also be found on our YouTube channel.


Moving Home Tips

Give notice to your landlord

This will depend on your contract. However, it is always worth giving as much notice as possible. Your conveyancer will be able to offer you more advice regarding moving dates. An average completion takes 12 weeks at Attwells Solicitors. However, this does depend on the chain you are in therefore please allow for hiccups and discuss your conveyancing progress with your conveyancer.

Finalise your moving date: When do I start packing?

As mentioned above your conveyancer will keep you up to date with the progress of your transaction. Once contracts are signed, you will then arrange a moving date.

Once you have a moving date you will need to inform your landlord if you are renting. This would be an ideal time to book time off work, book a removal service or ask friends if they are available to help you. You may also wish to arrange childcare or a place for your pet/pets to stay.

If you decide to use a removal company then check whether they offer additional services such as insurance and storage. Make sure that the removal company belongs to the British Association of removers. Book your van at least 3 weeks prior to your moving date.

If you are moving yourself now is a good time to start collecting boxes, your local supermarket or local shop maybe able to supply you with some. We would recommend you start packing decorative, out of season and other items you rarely use.

Make sure you label the boxes and keep your Fixtures Fittings and Contents Form to hand. You would have completed this form prior to signing your contract, therefore you are contract bound to leave the items agreed upon in this form.

How to move your broadband?

Nowadays most people don’t have a home telephone. However, you will have a landline if you have broadband. Depending on where you are moving to you may not need to change your broadband provider. We would recommend you call your broadband provider up as early as possible to discuss your options. BT require at least 2 weeks’ notice and may have to install a new line.

Two weeks to go! Don’t panic

Start running down your freezer and cupboards, items such as tins of baked beans or shower gel can take up a lot of room. It may also be worth measuring furniture to see what will fit down the stairs or out of the front door. Some flat pack items are not designed to be taken apart, so please be mindful. Equally you may only need to partly dismantle some items, for example taking the legs off your bed.

How to notify or change your utility suppliers?

Firstly, you will need to check who supplies your new home. You can find this information out via U Switch also offer a postcode searching system, so you can find the best deal for your needs.

You need to call your gas and electric supplier at least 48 hours before you are due to move. They will ask you for your moving date and your new address so they can send you a final bill.  

On the day we recommend you take a photo of your meters - gas, electric and water. This will offer you proof of usage with a time and date should you need it.

Once you have moved you can call them supplying them with your final meter reading or you can inform them of this via their website.

How do I move my Sky or Virgin Media service?

You will need to call your digital tv provider. Both Sky and Virgin will require your moving date and new address to check coverage. You may also be asked to clear your outstanding balance. Sky charge an up-front one-off payment of £35 for installing your Sky TV on a weekday, a weekend is slightly more costing £50. It’s also worth noting they charge for missing your appointment, cancelling or rescheduling on the day too. This is £25 and will be added to your next bill.

Virgin Media charge a £20 movers fee to transfer your service to your new address.

The day is approaching fast! I’m moving this week, what do I need to do?

Prior to the big day finish off packing non-day-to-day items. Keep all your boxes in one room and if possible, note which ones are heavy. If you have any direct debits linked to your old home cancel them, likewise remember to cancel any regular orders, such as newspapers or milk.

Changing your address?

When you move, you’ll need to inform several organisations as well as family and friends of your move. Your place of work, your bank, insurance, pension and credit card providers will all need to know. Along with your council (for council tax), the nice people at TV Licensing, your doctor and other health care providers, the DVLA and benefit providers such as Working Tax Credits.

The Post Office do offer a useful re-direct service, alternatively you could provide your buyers with a bundle of pre-paid envelopes to forward any mail. This method would be suitable for letter, however parcels could be an issue, so remember to change your eBay account, Amazon and any other online shopping providers.

The day before your move – What should you do?

The day before your move you should defrost your fridge freezer. Place towels and a bowl to capture the water. Please let your appliance defrost naturally. Once you have moved your fridge freezer you will need to let it stand at least 30 minutes, 1 hour to be safe. This gives the gases inside time to settle.

We would also recommend disconnecting large appliances such as washing machines - remember to fit transit bolts if required.

Another great tip is to pack a survival box for your new home. Including items such as a kettle, tea/coffee and a toilet roll.

On the day of the move

You will need to turn off electricity, gas and water supplies at the mains and take a final meter reading as suggested above. If the property is going to be vacant for a while drain the water system too. Finally lock all windows and doors, make one last check and say goodbye to your old home!


When buying or selling a house it's natural to feel unsure and concerned about the process, however Attwells are here to help. Below we have outlined the conveyancing process, all the stages required to buy your second home.

Firstly, you need to arrange your conveyancer as soon as possible.  If you have done this the following stages can be completed prior to you making an offer on a property.

  • Accepting the quote: Simply click the accept button within your email or agree the fee over the phone.
  • Paying money onto your account: This effectively allows us to create a matter for you.
  • Welcome pack: We will ask you to complete a few forms which will help us progress your conveyancing. This can be done digitally – so please ask for a paper-free version. 
  • Instruct your mortgage valuation: This will also include a survey of the property.
  • Searches: We will undertake searches for you of the local utilities and authorities.

  • Draft Contracts: We will receive your draft contract and ownership information. 
  • Review contracts: Review and approves the contract. Plus, the ownership information and raise enquiries with the seller.
  • Searches are back: We will have received the results of all searches of the statutory authorities.
  • Send reports: We will send reports on the property, contract and mortgage and obtain confirmation of how you will own the property.
  • Send you documents to sign: We will also require your 10% deposit.
  • The moving date is agreed: All documents and the deposit are received from you. The contract is now exchanged, and purchase is now binding.
  • Statement: You will receive a statement as to money required to complete. Your mortgage funds will be requested from your mortgage provider. 
  • Completed: Move in and receive the keys. 

Timescale for Selling:

Week 1: Instruct Attwells, pay money on account and complete the property information forms.

Week 2: Attwells issues the contract and ownership information to the buyer’s solicitors.

Week 3 to 6: Attwells agrees the contract and will help you satisfy all enquiries from the buyer’s solicitors.

Week 7 to 8: Moving date agreed and contracts exchanged - This makes the sale binding.

Week 9 to 11: You now have a guaranteed moving date. You can make arrangements and start packing. You will need to sign completion documents with Attwells. You will receive a statement showing the amount you will receive on completion.

Week 12: Complete. Move out and handover keys, any mortgage is redeemed and you should renew or make a will.

Timescale for buying:

Week 1 to 2: Instruct Attwells, pay money on account and provide evidence of your cash funds. You should instruct your mortgage valuation and survey.

Week 3: Attwells will undertake searches of the local utilities and authorities. Attwells will receive a draft contract and ownership information from the buyer’s solicitors.

Week 3 to 6: Attwells reviews and approves the contract. We will also review the ownership information and raise enquiries with the seller and receive satisfactory replies. Attwells receives results of all searches of the statutory authorities.

Week 7 to 8: Attwells send reports on the property, contract and mortgage and obtain confirmation of how you will own the property. Attwells will send you documents to sign and require a 10% deposit to be paid.

Week 9 to 11: The moving date is agreed. All documents and the deposit are received from you. The contract is now exchanged – the purchase is now binding.

Week 12: You now have a guaranteed moving date. You can make arrangements and start packing. You will need to sign completion documents. You will receive from Attwells a statement as to money required to complete. This must be transferred in good time for completion.

Please note: Attwells Solicitors have produced this timescale as a guide only. Your transaction may take longer depending on your circumstances. A leasehold may take 4 plus weeks longer. For more information, please contact your conveyancer.

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