Retainer Package

Attwells Solicitors are property law expert supporting property professionals with legal issues ranging from planning to HR. Our Estate Agent law services also include ALM, disputes, commercial law and consumer rights.

We are aware the high street estate agent maybe feeling the pinch with the birth of online conveyancing platforms and the Government’s recent crack downs, however Attwells also understand the importance of following processors correctly to protect business. In light of these factors Attwells Solicitors have created a retainer package for estate agents. Every item listed below are designed to minimise your risk and give you the best possible chance of growing your business.

  1. Direct access to a Partner by email and telephone covering advice on Employment Law/HR, GDPR and IR35.
  2. A sector specific knowledge around estate agency law, TPO complaints, referral fees, AML, recovery of sales commission and pursuit former employees for breaches of restrictive covenants (such as non-compete and non-solicitation).
  3. Provision of a full HR package.
  4. Full legal indemnity cover on Employment Tribunal Claims, from as early as the ACAS early conciliation notification all the way through to the final hearing, covering legal costs, representation at Tribunal, Tribunal awards and settlements. Competitors only cover from the stage that an employer receives a claim, meaning that the opportunity to settle a matter or deter a claimant from making a claim in the first place is missed. Insurance is limited to £50k for any one claim / £500k aggregate per annum. This can be increased to £100k/£1m aggregate per annum for further cost.
  5. Provision of all bespoke employment documentation e.g. contracts of employment, self-employed contracts, staff handbooks, appraisal forms, holiday requests forms, induction checklists, interview assessments forms, job adverts etc.
  6. All supporting advice, documentation and correspondence covering grievance and disciplinary hearings on behalf of the Company. 
  7. Attendance at board meetings.
  8. Document drafting e.g. settlement agreements, letters of dismissal, warning letters etc.
  9. Quarterly management training on topics such as dealing with underperforming employees, AML, referral fees, sickness absence etc.

The main benefits over and above what Peninsula currently offer for Estate Agents

  1. Breadth of expertise – Peninsula’s packages are limited to employment/HR in the most part and do not cover any of the additional legal areas provided for under the retainer GDPR, IR35, AML, estate agency law, TPO complaints etc..
  2. Personal service is at the core of what we do – I will personally deal with all matters each and every time guaranteeing continuity of advice and service.
  3. You will receive advice from legal experts, including Partners of the firm.
  4. The legal insurance we provide covers you from ACAS early conciliation, not from receipt of Employment Tribunal claim, which represents 4-8 weeks earlier coverage and allows me to get involved and hopefully resolve the dispute before an Employment Tribunal claim commences, drastically reducing the time and costs incurred in dealing with the same. The chances of an employee withdrawing a claim once commenced are much slimmer.
  5. You will be provided with bespoke, tailored contracts, not ‘one size fits all’ precedents.
  6. Our retainer’s standard term is 12 months, with a 6-month notice period, not a rolling 5-year term as offered by Peninsula meaning you are not locked in for a significant period of time. 
  7. Industry expertise and advice on sector-specific areas such as TPO complaints, referral fees etc.  – given Attwells current position as a long-term partner of Chancellors, our knowledge in the property sector.
  8. Aggressive approach – my approach to matters is, as you will see, aggressive and I will proactively place pressure on our opponents and deal with each matter forthrightly, aimed at achieving the possible result and serving to put the message out to current employees that Chancellors are not to be messed around. 
  9. The indemnity aspect of the retainer is based industry, payroll figure (p/a), number of employees and any claims in previous years.
  10. Can offer package with or without indemnity.

If you would like to discuss our estate agent retainer package more please call Lloyd Clarke on 01206 239761 or your local office. A senior member of our property professionals’ team will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your options. Bespoke packages are available on request.