Islamic Mortgages

Islamic finance is the means by which corporations and individuals in the Muslim world raise capital in accordance with Sharia Law, which forbids the accrual of interest on monies borrowed.

How does Islaminc Finance Work?

In many ways, the structure of Islamic Finance makes a lot more practical sense than a typical “high street” mortgage, where the land is charged to the lender as security for the loan.

In the context of Property Finance (whether you are purchasing or re-mortgaging your property to live in, or as a Buy to Let investment), transactions are typically structured under the principle of Diminishing Musharaka, where the legal title to the property is transferred to the Bank and the equitable title to the property is co-owned by the Bank and the customer (in the proportions paid by the parties for the property).

The Bank then let the property back to the customer giving them exclusive possession of the property during the term of the agreement.

Monthly payments to the bank are then made up of two limbs:

  1. An “acquisition” payment, where the customer increases its share in the equity of the property
  2. A “rental” payment, that the customer pays to the bank under the lease.

When all of the acquisition payments have been made, the customer will own 100% of the equity in the property , and the Bank will subsequently transfer the Legal Title of the property to the customer.

Diminishing Musharaka mortgages require specialist knowledge as they are unlike typical “high street” mortgages. If you are looking to acquire or refinance a property using Islamic Finance, you need the right solicitor in your corner and should not countenance using a firm that has not been through the process before.

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