Buy-to-Let Mortgages

A buy to let mortgage is a loan for purchasing (or refinancing) residential property which is then let to individuals.

Recent legislation changes have made lending criteria for buy-to-let mortgages considerably more stringent.

Increased SDLT and a phased removal of a considerable income tax benefit for BTL Landlords (where the cost of mortgage interest will no longer be tax deductible) has seen a general decline in the popularity of BTL mortgages in recent months.

Increasingly, BTL investors are acquiring premises through a limited company, as the scheme of taxation for corporates is seen by many as more favourable when compared to the new individual tax regime.

The Property market in London, which has historically been the mecca for BTL property investors has slowed down since the Brexit vote and capital values in the Capital have been on a steady decline since 2016. Other parts of the country, however, seem to be more buoyant.

The focus of BTL investors remaining in London seems to be moving away from Capital Values (bigger gains are now seen to be available elsewhere in the country) and more towards yields.

This has seen a big shift from typical BTL investment away from typical houses and flats and more towards potentially higher yield investments, such as Student Lets and HMOs.

It may be that the appetite for capital returns in London may return when the market is perceived to have bottomed out and there are some bargains to be had.

In the meantime we expect to see a continued pattern of fewer BTL deals being done particularly in London, and increased proportion of those being acquired through corporate vehicles. For the time being this pattern shows no sign of abating.

The fact remains, however, that BTL Mortgages continue to make up a substantial part of the UK Property Finance Landscape. BTLs continue to be the right investment for many who have done the maths and are satisfied that the figures still “stack up”.

For those parties, whether they are buying through as an individual or a corporate vehicle, if you need a mortgage you need the right lawyer in your corner who has dealt with the process many, many times before

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