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Attwells Solicitors are expert providers of Property Finance legal services. We have extensive experience acting for Lenders, SMEs and Individuals on all types of property finance.

Property finance can be complex due to the many possible variations. Attwells are property law experts making us the ideal legal firm to support you through this process. We have a strong authority within the property sector and can advise you on all types of property finance.

To the left are a list of services we provide in this field, with information for intermediaries too. Below is a brief outline of the types of property finance available:

Remortgages are when you replace your current mortgage deal with another. This can be as simple as changing the terms of your existing mortgage, for example a mortgage rate or it can mean changing lenders all together.

Second charge mortgages are an alternative to remortgaging your home. They allow you to release the equity in your home.

Commercial mortgages are for individuals purchasing business premises. They are also known as owner-occupier business mortgages.

Buy to Let Mortgages can be for residential or commercial property. They are a loan effectively for purchasing or refinancing a property which is then let to individuals.  

Bridging Loans are short term loans used to gain capital quickly, they are usually used when developing or building new properties, bridging the gap between building costs and the properties being sold.

Development Finances is similar to a bridging loan in that it provides short term funding, however this loan can be used to purchase the land and cover building costs. The loan amounts are based on the percentage of the gross development value at the end of the project.

Auction Finance is another type of bridging loan used when purchasing via an auction. It allows you to bridge the gap between the auction and a mainstream leader supplying you with a mortgage.  

Islamic Finance is the means by which corporations and individuals in the Muslim world raise capital in accordance with Sharia Law, which forbids the accrual of interest on monies borrowed.

The British Business Bank Finance Hub

The British Business Bank Finance Hub is designed to help businesses understand the financial landscape and ultimately access the right finance for their growth potential. It’s an independent, impartial digital hub designed to raise awareness of the different types of finance available for growing UK businesses. Explore finance options and find funding to suit your business.


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