Property Disputes

Attwells has a real depth of expertise with years of experience in property litigation.

We offer you expert analysis and innovative solutions in relation to all manner of property actions including: -

  • Serving the relevant notices to end a lease
  • Applying to court to fix the terms of a new business lease
  • Pursuing unpaid rent and service charge
  • Enforcing the performance of covenants
  • Recovering possession of premises
  • Dealing with dilapidations claims
  • Dealing with unauthorised alterations, assignments and sub-lettings

Our solicitors are regularly involved in actions before the property tribunal, County Courts and the High Court and we have the true expertise required to help you with the issues referred to above and indeed most other property related disputes.

Property Dispute Case Assessment & Letter of Advice

Price: £350.00 plus VAT

What is included in the price:

  • Initial telephone conversation
  • Review of documentation in advance of drafting letter of advice (subject to reasonable number of documents)
  • Letter of advice setting the the legal position, our advice and an assessment of prospects of success for any potential claims
  • Answering any brief questions subsequent to letter of advice

What is excluded from the price:

  • Meeting at your local office with a lawyer (can be arranged at additional cost)
  • This service is subject to a fair user policy and will not, for example, be available in the context of complex litigation cases. We will notify you if you matter is not suitable for this service as soon the position becomes apparent and no charges will be rendered. We will recommend alternative pricing structures and services as appropriate.
  • Legal advice outside of the service requested


Copy documents will be obtained as necessary at cost price from the land registry.

How long will it take?

The letter of advice will be produced within 10 working days from the date of instruction.

How to instruct Attwells Solicitors?

Instructing us is simple. You can either click on the instruct button below to register your interest or you can call your local office. We have offices in Ipswich, Colchester and London. When instructing us please inform us of the office you would like to use.

When will I pay?

Attwells Solicitors will ask you for money on account in advance of the reviewing your documents and drafting the advice letter so that work can get underway on your matter immediately.

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