Landlord & Tenant

Attwells Solicitors are specialists in disputes between landlords and tenants, whether of commercial or residential premises.

Whether you are a landlord stuck with a tenant who has fallen behind in its rent, allowing the property to fall into a state of disrepair or otherwise breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement, Attwells Solicitors can give quick, straightforward advice to require the tenant to vacate the premises or put right the problem.

Our experienced solicitors are able to help with all types of possession claims, including standard claim, accelerated claims and even possession claims against secure tenants. Attwells know, however, that landlord and tenant disputes work both ways and a landlord can be faced with a claim from a tenant. We are experienced in defending claims by tenants relating to the condition of the property and the difficult issue of protection of tenants deposits. As you would expect, we will explain clearly the process, timescales and costs of bringing or defending any claim.

All these services are available on fixed fees and our lawyers would be delighted to have an initial no charge consultation with you.

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