Selling At Auction

If you have a property to sell then an auction could well be the right solution for you. 

In particular it could be useful on a probate sale or divorce to prove market value, when speed is of the essence or when the property is in a poor condition.

Attwells top 3 tips for selling at auction are:

  • Use an expert to prepare the Legal Pack.  Delay here could lead to loss of buyers.
  • Include searches in the Legal Pack.  It is an upfront cost that can be recovered in the auction special condition and will ensure you have a greater number of buyers.
  • Are there are special conditions you need?  Arrears, fees to recover or completion date.

Attwells Auction Team has experts based in each of its offices who can provide you with specialist advice and produce the Legal Pack in a timely manner. Our fees for producing auction legal packs for residential and commercial properties are set out in the table below.

Selling Your Property At Auction - Our Fees 




Residential Property Legal Pack

£549 plus VAT and disbursements

£749 plus VAT and disbursements

Commercial Property Legal Pack

£599 plus VAT and disbursements

£849 plus VAT and disbursements

Land Legal Pack

£749 plus VAT and disbursements

£949 plus VAT and disbursements

Completion of Fee (payable on completion of sale)£449 plus VAT and disbursements£449 plus VAT and disbursements


What is excluded from the service?

  • Legal advice outside the scope of the service described above
  • Tax advice
  • Planning advice is not included.

Disbursements and other charges

Land registry copy entries typically £25.

Search fees will be due but it depends upon the type of property but the costs will start from £350 plus VAT.

If the premises are leasehold then a management pack where costs range from £200-£500 We will confirm he figure once it is known to us.

How long will it take?

4 weeks from payment of the funds on account.

Who will do your work?

Your matter will be undertaken by one of our Auction Specialist Solicitors: Nick Attwell; Tanya Warnes, Matthew Desborough or Joseph Harrison or our Trainee Solicitors under the supervision of Nick Attwell.

How do I instruct Attwells Solicitors

Instructing us is simple. You can either click on the instruct button below to register your interest or you can call us at your local office. We have offices in Ipswich, Colchester and London. When instructing us please inform us of the office you would like to use.

When will I pay?

You will need to pay the fixed fee on account and any disbursements.

If you are selling at auction and require expert advice call Attwells Auction Team for a quotation on either 0207 722 9898 or 01473 229200 or email us at