Capital Gains Tax Pricing


Price: £250.00 plus VAT

The fee is payable upfront

What is included in the price:

  • 1 hour of time to consider your liability for CGT on residential property in England or Wales

What is excluded from the price:

  • Advice for foreign property or domiciled persons
  • Additional time for more complex matters
  • Work required to implement any advice given
  • Legal advice outside of the service requested


None anticipated

How long will it take?

We will make a time to speak with you to work out your concerns and we will provide you with a form to complete of relevant information needed to consider your position.

Thereafter a letter will be provided with our summary of your position and whether we believe there is anything that can be done to minimise your liability.

What should I expect?

  1. An appointment will be made, which is convenient for you.  This can be in person or over the phone.
  2. A questionnaire will be sent via email or in the post.
  3. A letter will be sent by email or post within 7 days

 How to instruct Attwells Solicitors?

Instructing us is simple. You can either click on the instruct button below to register your interest or you can call your local office. We have offices in Ipswich, Colchester and London. When instructing us please inform us of the office you would like to use.


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