Personal Disputes

Personal disputes can arise for a number of reasons. Fall outs between family, friends or neighbours can be deeply upsetting and have an extreme impact on day to day life.

Most of the time disputes occur due to finances or the break down of a relationship. They can also occur due to boundary or property issues. Due to the nature of the dispute it is very easy for emotions to cloud judgment.

Personal disputes can often escalate and therefore Attwells would always recommend seeking advice early. Understanding your legal position can help you to clarify your rights and present options on how to proceed.

We regard litigation as a last resort and will always recommend mediation where possible. However, if legal action is unavoidable we will advance you through the legal process and offer you practical steps to resolve your dispute.

Our 3 Top Tips for Personal Disputes

Always keep your correspondence – Letters, texts, emails or even social media posts can be used to support your case. Often, these will illustrate intent and a progression or pattern in behaviour. Likewise keeping bank statements or proof of purchase will assist you in personal disputes regarding finance.

Keep a journal – Recording dates and times of events can be used as evidence and support your claim. 

Communication – Where possible try to keep the lines of communication open. Try to express your point of view in a calm matter and listen to the other persons opinion. This can be challenging because often we are thinking of a reply or wanting to interject, but fully understanding their position even if you don’t agree can help you reach a compromise.

How can I resolve my commercial dispute without going to court?

As mentioned above Attwells will always attempt mediation first. Mediation is highly successful. An experienced mediator can find a beneficial solution for both parties. This allows both sides to come together and discuss the issue with an impartial third party. As solicitors we will always act in the best interest of our client therefore, we would invite the other party to also seek legal advice. Our disputes specialist Edward Powell can arrange mediation for you prior to a case review.

What happens if my commercial dispute has to go to court?

If mediation fails Attwells Solicitors will advise you of the best next step, this may include court action. If you go to court you will incur court fees and will require legal representation. Our litigation team will put together the best possible case for you and will include minutes from the mediation attempt. Attending mediation first will prove intent to resolve the dispute amicably.

How much will it cost?

Where possible we agree fixed fees, "no win–no fee" agreements and even reduced hourly rates. Attwells Solicitors have particular expertise in relation to construction disputes, licensing, injunctions, professional negligence, contractual disputes and employment and property disputes.

Attwells will always recommend a case review first, as this could save you time and money. Our advice will be sent to you in a case review letter. This service costs £350 plus VAT.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with Edward you can call his Colchester office number on 01206 239755 or email