Will Writing in Ipswich, Colchester & St. John's Wood

Attwells Solicitors believe that everyone should be able to access legal services. We want to break down the barriers to accessing assistance from a solicitor to help you to do this whilst ensuring you still get the best legal advice and Will drafting there is to offer.

Making a Will enables you to set out your funeral wishes, appoint executors (the people who will deal with things for you once you have died) and appoint guardians if you have young children.

Your Will also enables you to set out who will inherit from you. If you do not have a Will or your Will is invalid for some reason., the government rules of intestacy will apply.

The Top 5 Considerations When Writing a Will

  1. Who should inherit what. Are you leaving specific items and if so, have they been adequately described?
  2. Can you leave your assets freely? If you own an asset such as property or a bank account, jointly with others, you may not be able to control who will benefit from that asset when you die.
  3. Should you have replacement beneficiaries? If one of your beneficiaries has died before you, what happens to the gifts you made to them?
  4. Is there anyone you do not want to inherit? Do you understand who may have a claim on your estate?
  6. Is there anyone you do not want to inherit? Do you understand who may have a claim on your estate?

To help you with this, Attwells have created a useful guide and questionnaire. You can download and complete this via your PC or mobile device. Alternatively, you can request a copy to be send to you when booking your appointment.

Will Writing Services Near You

Attwells believe this is achieved by being transparent with our pricing so you can select the best Will to fit your personal circumstances as well as your budget.

Please see below a summary of the Wills available and what is included. Scroll through to find out more about each product and to proceed to create your Will.

Please note all prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of us providing the service.





For a single person

From £235

From £500

For a married couple*

From £400

From £800

Initial meeting with a Lawyer

Prepared and Checked by a Lawyer

Home visit (if needed)*


Letter of wishes (if needed)


Advice on Care Home Fees


Inheritance Tax Advice

Advice on Protecting Assets

Advice on people making claims against your estate

Advice on people making claims against your business estate

Domicile issues

Free storage for life

*For Married Couple: This assumes the Wills are made on broadly the same terms as each other.  Otherwise each Will is treated as a single Will.

*For Home Visit: A home visit is for us to come out to you whether this is at your home, a hospital, a hospice or any other venue you require.  This is to be within 10 miles of your chosen Attwells office otherwise a meeting further afield can be agreed at an alternative price.

What should I expect?

Once you have completed your questionnaire, you will pay online.

We will then make a welcome call to you to introduce ourselves and within 7 days of submitting your form, you will receive electronic copies of your draft Will from us.

Once you have approved your Will, we will send an electronic copy to you with instructions on how to sign your Will.  In order to ensure that it has been signed correctly, we would ask that you return it to us so we can check this for you.




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