Planning Objection Advice in Colchester

Are you objecting to building work or a development in Colchester? If you are opposed to a planning application made by your neighbour, local council or a developer Attwells Solicitors can help you object.  

The planning application process allows for all interested parties to have their say. You will either see a public site notice or you will receive a letter from the Council informing you of the application, inviting you to send an objection letter if you object.

Knowing what to say, and how to say it, in an objection letter is crucial in stopping the development from going ahead. Attwells Solicitors in Colchester are experts in preparing and submitting objections on behalf of neighbours and other interested parties, such as parish and town councils. We know the best way to relay your concerns and, crucially, how to link them to the Council’s own policies.

We can work on your behalf to submit a letter of objection to the Council to ensure your voice is heard in the planning process.

When applications are heard by Planning Committee we can represent you and speak on your behalf at the meeting to ensure your best case is put forward.

Objection Letter Fees

Domestic Development

Commercial Development

1 to 6 Dwellings

£450 plus VAT

£600 plus VAT

£600 plus VAT


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