Planning Objection

Has your neighbour submitted a planning application to build an extension that is too big or will overlook your property? Do you want to object to a planning application for new houses in the field next to you? Are you concerned about the planning application for a change of use of your local pub to residential use?

The planning application process allows for all interested parties to have their say in a planning application. You’ll either see a site notice posted near the site of the application or receive a letter from the Council informing you about the application and inviting you to write to the Council if you wish to object to the application.

However, this process can be difficult for members of the public with little or no experience of the planning system. Knowing what to say, and how to say it, in an objection letter is crucial in stopping the development from going ahead. Attwells are experts in preparing and submitting objections on behalf of neighbours and other interested parties, such as parish and town councils. We know the best way to relay your concerns and, crucially, how to link them to the Council’s own policies.

Members of our team have previous experience within local authorities so we know the best way of objecting to an application to ensure the development is refused or that amendments are made to the proposal to make is acceptable to you.

We can work on your behalf to submit a letter of objection to the Council to ensure your voice is heard in the planning process.

When applications are heard by Planning Committee we can represent you and speak on your behalf at the meeting to ensure your best case is put forward.

We recently submitted an objection letter on behalf of a client for an application to build a large new house next door to our client’s property. In the objection letter we set out how the new house would impact on our client in terms of loss of privacy and how it would be over bearing due to its enormous size and location. The Council agreed with these concerns and informed the applicant that the application would be refused. The applicant then withdrew the application altogether; a great result for our client!

We offer fixed fees for objection letters. The fee includes: considering all the information and plans submitted with the application; researching the local planning policies; using other information available to us to consider the impacts on you, such as your photographs and aerial photographs; and drafting and submitting the letter to the Council. 

Price list

  • Domestic Development - £450.00 + VAT
  • Commercial Development - £600.00 + VAT
  • 1 – 6 Dwellings - £600.00 + VAT
  • More than 6 dwellings – please enquire directly for price
  • Attendance at Planning Committee - please enquire directly for a price
  • Site visit – please enquire directly for a price

As a client, you can expect a capable and confident approach from our team, along with a bespoke, personalised strategy for each and every matter. Our firm also has the expertise to deal with any legal elements of your case, giving your planning objection greater weight to encourage a more positive outcome.

During our 20 years, Attwells has handled a wide range of planning and property issues. Therefore we are able to offer a full range of planning services, including but not limited to:

  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Planning and property disputes
  • Advice and representation for Public Consultation to High Court Appeals
  • Council complaints
  • Enforcement and prosecution issues

Our services have been designed for individuals, developers and commercial clients. We can also assist you to acquire land or property, whilst reducing your paperwork and stress. We work with clients in our local areas of Colchester, Ipswich, North London, and also with clients further afield using remote working practices so regardless of your location we will be able to assist you.


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