Planning Appeals

If the Council has refused to grant you planning permission, our planning specialists at Attwells Solicitors can help. We can assist you by preparing an effective planning appeal to the Secretary of State (the Planning Inspectorate).

Attwells can also help if you’re objecting to a proposal that is being considered at the appeal stage. In addition, we can offer you proactive and thorough guidance and representation.

There are various routes available in respect of an appeal. We will use our personalised service to help you decide which route to take. If we ascertain that your appeal has a limited chance of success. We can revise your planning application to boost the likelihood of a favourable result on re-submission.

Planning refused

Having your planning application refused can be extremely disappointing and frustrating, particularly given the costs and time involved.

It is not always clear what to do to following a refusal of planning permission, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the planning process.

There are options available following the refusal of planning permission, including the right of appeal and the resubmission of alternative scheme.

We are available to discuss your plans and the reasons why the application was unsuccessful with a view to determining the best course of action to achieving your proposals.

Client Care

Attwells Solicitors is focused on client care, with our friendly and approachable team offering reassurance and guidance throughout the process. We have worked on a wide range of planning appeals for an assortment of clients; from homeowners to housing developers.

Seeking our services but live far away? Our experts are happy to work remotely, giving you an equally attentive service as we provide to our local clients in Colchester, Chelmsford Ipswich and London.