Boundary Disputes and Trespass

Sometimes disputes arise with neighbours over the correct position of a boundary, or allegations of trespass.

Attwells can assist you with the resolution of such conflict; if possible, without the need for court action, which should always be avoided if possible. We would sometimes advise you to instruct one of our recommended surveyors with whom we regularly work, in order to assist with the determination of a boundary. Determining a boundary can very often assist in removing unwanted trespass.

We fully understand how distressing boundary disputes and/or trespass can be, thus we seek to resolve the matter expediently, in such a way as to minimise the stress for our clients as much as possible.

Attwells have offices in Colchester, Ipswich & North London - we are also able to work remotely for clients based further afield.

Our Additional Services

Attwells have over eighteen years of experience in handling a wide range of planning and property issues as enabled Attwells to provide a full range of planning services, including but not limited to:

  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Planning and property disputes
  • Advice and representation for Public Consultation to High Court Appeals
  • Council complaints
  • Enforcement and prosecution issues

These services are for individuals, developers and commercial clients. We can also assist you to acquire land or property, whilst reducing your paperwork and stress.