Freedom-Day - Can I Order My Staff To Come Into The Office

Following yesterday's announcement from PM Boris Johnson, and with 75% of office workers still working from home, this is possibly the number one question on the lips of many businesses this morning.

The short answer is 'yes' but with many things in life, it is not quite that simple.

Many contracts will set out an employee's place of work and therefore a requirement for that employee to attend said workplace. However, employers nonetheless have an obligation to ensure employees can return to work safely under health and safety.

Therefore, many employers are likely to take the view that some additional measures such as sanitising, additional spacing between desks, and alike remain a requirement. Employers, as was the case before the pandemic, need to ensure that the workplace is as safe as possible.

As such, there is a balance to be struck and one thing for certain is that 'hybrid' working (working weeks combining working from home and working in the office) is here to stay.

Lloyd Clarke is a Partner and Head of Employment Law at Attwells Solicitors LLP.

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