About Us

We want to make the law, lawyers and the legal profession accessible.

We chat without charge. We do not talk in legal jargon. We decode the law. We publish our fees. Our fees are fair. We have weekly chase up calls. We are not arrogant and do not speak down to our clients. We are friendly and want to work with you. Attwells lawyers are diverse because we hire on ability and attitude.

We are so proud and confident of our award winning “fresh” customer service that you can read all our reviews here from over 550 clients last year.

Attwells is one team whose culture is built around our 4 P’s:

  • Personal – We care about the team and our clients.     
  • Professional – We do what we say we will do and have expertise in what we do
  • Progressive – We value feedback and want to improve
  • Positive – We have a can-do attitude

If this is you then we would like to hear from you.

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