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Fixed Fee Probate - £950.00 plus VAT

We are aware that the traditional approach to lawyers charging for probate can be daunting as it is difficult to understand exactly what you will be paying before you instruct.

It can also be expensive with fees often based on the amount of time spent as well as a percentage of the value of the Estate.

With offices based in Ipswich, Colchester and St Johns Wood, we are offering a fixed fee for probate at £950.00 plus VAT.

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In return for you getting details of the assets and any debts of the Estate, we will complete the probate form, the IHT form and obtain the Grant of Probate for you.

You can then use the Grant of Probate to sell the house, collect the money etc. and pay the beneficiaries as per the Will.

This fixed fee probate may not suit all situations and we offer a more comprehensive service too.

Fees will be payable on producing the documents for you to sign. If you decide to withdraw instructions part way through the work we are undertaking for you, a proportionate part of the fee will be payable. This will be limited to the amount of the deposit that we will ask for upfront.

Fixed Fee Probate at £950 plus VAT in Essex, Suffolk and London

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What is included in the fixed Grant only price:

  • Liaising with you as to the information required to complete the Form
  • Completing form IHT205
  • Completing form PA1P
  • Applying for the grant of probate
  • Providing you with the Grant to enable you to administer the Estate

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What is excluded in the fixed Grant only price:

  • Calculating and paying IHT or any administration period taxes
  • Foreign assets or domiciled persons
  • Claims against the Estate
  • Disputes over the Will
  • Intestate Estates (where there is no Will)
  • Capacity issues
  • Variations to the Will if required
  • Administering the Estate
  • Tax advice
  • Legal advice outside of the service requested

The above may be possible to cover a fixed fee. Additional charges are listed here.

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£3 for any property title if the Estate includes property

£155 for the probate fee

£1.50p for each copy of the Grant 

We will ask you to obtain valuations for the assets of the estate.  If professional valuations are needed, the professionals may make a charge for providing you with a probate valuation.

Disbursements are payable before we incur the cost.

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Who will do my work?

Your matter will be undertaken by those listed in our staff slider. This is located left or at the bottom of the page.

How long does probate take?

Once we have all of the information required, we will prepare the application documents for your signature within 7 days.  Once they have been signed and returned, we will make the application to the Probate Registry and usually a Grant is received within two weeks.

The entire process depends on the extent of the Estate and how quickly the assets and liabilities can be ascertained.  For straightforward Estates, we would expect around 6-8 weeks from instruction to Grant.

For more complex Estates it is more likely to be from 2-6 months.

If we are administering the Estate as part of the instructions we have received, the timeframe depends on how long it takes to collect in the assets and usually depends on whether a property needs to be sold or what other assets there are.  This process can take anywhere between one week and around 6 months.

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What should I expect once I instruct Attwells to undertake probate?

  1. A questionnaire will be sent via email or in the post
  2. On instructing us, you be asked to pay half of the fees upfront
  3. We will guide you to the information we need
  4. Once all information has been received, we will draft the forms needed to apply for probate and send to you to sign.  Our invoice will be submitted at this stage
  5. Once signed and the invoice paid, we will make the probate application and deliver the grant to you on receipt
  6. If we are administering the Estate for you, we will collect in all assets and close down the various accounts, pay IHT (if any) and distribute to the beneficiaries.