Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes can arise for a number of reasons and be complex. Disputes within partnerships or LLP’s will require a specialist legal service which Attwells can provide.   

Most of the time disputes occur due to work ethic, division of labour or people leaving the partnership. Personal issues can also be of concern especially when professionalism is key to the success of your partnership or LLP.

Partnership disputes can often escalate. Understanding your legal position can help you to clarify your partner and member rights. Our disputes expert Edward Powell would always recommend an initial case review. Your solicitors should always have definitive understanding of everyone involved and their points of view.

Edward can provide legal advice on dissolving partnerships or terminating, address disputes concerning ownership of property and assets, as well as governance and insolvency issues. Although we regard litigation as a last resort, we will advance you through the legal process and offer you practical steps to resolve your dispute if legal action is unavoidable.

Attwells will always recommend mediation first. Mediation is highly successful. An experienced mediator can find a beneficial solution for all parties. This allows all members to come together and discuss the issue with an impartial third party. Our disputes specialist Edward Powell can arrange mediation for you prior to a case review.

Edward would be happy to meet with you at our Colchester, Ipswich or London office.

Attwells Solicitors can offer you partnership disputes advice regarding:

  • Dissolution and termination of partnerships
  • Governance
  • Insolvency issues
  • Partition and division of partnership assets
  • Partition and division of partnership property
  • Tax advice

An Initial meeting or case review with a letter of advice costs £550 plus VAT. If you would like to arrange an appointment with Edward you can call his Colchester office number on 01206 239755 or email

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