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Independent Legal Advice

During a transaction, be it in a business or personal context, you may find yourself in a situation where you are being told that you need to take Independent Legal Advice.

Typically, Independent Legal Advice is required for a matter that is incidental to, but critical for the completion of a transaction.

Independent Legal Advice is commonly required in the following circumstances:

  • Director’s Personal Guarantees (on Corporate loans and mortgages)
  • Personal Guarantees ( where an individual guarantees repayment of a loan made to someone else)
  • 3rd Party Legal Mortgages (where the Borrower is not the same person as the person offering the lender security)
  • Occupier’s Consent to a Mortgage
  • Employment Settlement Agreements

By entering into any of the above documents, you will usually be agreeing to either take on some form of liability or waive some of your rights but without necessarily enjoying any direct personal benefit for doing so. It is therefore very important that you fully understand the implications and seek appropriate professional guidance. It is right that Lenders and Solicitors insist that you obtain Independent Legal Advice under such circumstances.

That said, being told to get Independent Legal Advice is almost always an unwelcome surprise. Too often the requirement is communicated at the eleventh hour causing uncertainty, expense and delays as you try to find a law firm willing and able to give you the advice you need in a reasonable timeframe.

You can calculator the cost of moving by using our property budget planner.

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At Attwells, we understand that obtaining Independent Legal Advice is often time-sensitive and always critical to your matter. We don’t think that your transaction should be delayed any longer than it needs to be.  So, we have devised a simple and practical solution:

We offer :

  • A dedicated Independent Legal Advice Service
  • Quick turn around
  • Fixed fees

Our aim, wherever possible, is to provide you with the Certificate of Independent Legal Advice within 72 hours of receiving formal instructions.

Our fee scales are simple too:

Basic Fee for ILA

(for one person)

£549.00 + VAT

Cost for each additional

individual requiring ILA

£149.00 + VAT

Occupier ILA fee

£250.00 + VAT

Additional occupier

requiring ILA

£149.00 + VAT

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One Hour Business Advice

One hour face to face or via Skype, telephone or written advice with a  lawyer who has experience of the business  query that you have raised with us

Fixed Fee

£190 plus VAT

Included in the service

  • Ascertaining whether we can help you before the advice is given.
  • 1 hour meeting
  • A receipted VAT invoice following payment
  • You can choose to buy multiples of 1 hour up to a total of 3 hours advice

What is excluded from the service?

  • No guarantee is given that within the timescale allocated we can answer the question that you wish to raise with us
  • Legal advice outside the scope of the service described above
  • Tax advice  
  • Accounting advice
  • A follow-up letter


None are anticipated or will be incurred without your consent.

How long will it take to get the meeting?

We will endeavour to arrange the meeting as quickly as possible and in any event within a  week of payment on account.

Who will do your work?

Your matter will be undertaken by one of our Commercial Property Solicitors: Nick Attwell; Matthew Desborough or Joseph Harrison or our Trainee Solicitors under the supervision of Nick Attwell.

When will I pay?

You will need to pay the fee in advance together with any disbursements identified.

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