About Us

Attwells Solicitors’ Purpose

To Break Down Barriers to the Law 

Law is important for us all to understand.  It is the system of rules that underpins Society.

Yet even in 2019 the Law remains a mystery. Full of jargon and limited price information. Lawyers who don't pick up the phone, accessible only to the few and a job in the Law only for the wealthy.

Attwells want to change that. 

To remove barriers to understanding the Law. To make it easier to talk to a Lawyer. To bring down the social barriers to becoming a Lawyer.


Demystifying the Law

  • We talk in plain English
  • We make the Law simple
  • We don't talk down to our clients
  • We produce easy to understand guides & video
  • Our Lawyers are great communicators
  • We publish as much price information as possible on our website

Making contacting our Lawyers easy

  • We are happy to have a chat without charge - clients do not fear "the clock" is running
  • Our Lawyers are friendly
  • Our Lawyers pick up the phone 
  • We are pro-active communicators

Making the Legal Profession accessible to all with the talent

  • Our lawyers talk to young people at schools and colleges about their journey
  • All year round work experience focused upon diversity and developing skills
  • Opportunities to earn as you learn
  • We recruit on ability and attitude. We can teach the rest.

What do Attwells Solicitors do?

Attwells Solicitors are the first choice law firm for property people with offices in Ipswich, Colchester and North London with award winning customer service. 

Attwells Solicitors’ Values  

"We are 3 Offices but one Team” - Attwells 4 P’s  

1) Personal

  • To get to "Know Our Client" and for us to get to know our team
  • Engaged clients and employees - we care about this so we survey, measure and act upon it
  • To be the trusted adviser to support and "sign-post" our clients and a trusted friend to our team

2) Professional

  • Expertise in what we do
  • Doing what we say we will do
  • Well mannered
  • A self-regulated team
  • Honesty

3) Progressive  

  • Learning from feedback
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Personal progression for the team
  • Asking how we can do things better
  • Using IT to improve the customer experience 
  • Diversity and difference 

4) Positivity  

  • A can-do approach 
  • Promoting the Firm 
  • Enjoying our work 

To find out more about the Purpose, Service and Values of Attwells Solicitors please contact its Founding Senior Partner Nick Attwell on 01473 229200 or e-mail Nick at nick.attwell@attwells.com