Social Responsibility

Attwells are committed to community and social responsibility. Attwells are a firm with a social conscience and recognises the importance to act responsibly and develop and improve the local environment, employee's quality of life as well as playing an active role in its North London and Suffolk communities.

The firm believes in encouraging its employees to be involved in community projects and the Solicitors at Attwells give of their time freely to support local Citizens Advice Bureau's, Age Concern and other smaller local charitable and advice centres.

"At these times access to legal advice is scarce but disputes are on the rise.  Understanding your legal rights is essential.  Attwells believes it has a duty to support its community.  Attwells believes that a client should not be charged to understand a legal matter.  Attwells is committed to providing this advice at no charge to its London community."

Nick Attwell, Managing Partner January 2015

Attwells Solicitors recognises that it is inevitable that the firm will have an effect on the environment. However, Attwells seeks to be a firm of "green" Solicitors ensures their impact upon the environment is minimised by:

  • Recycling paper and re–utilising office equipment wherever possible
  • Encouraging a paperless office and electronic filing systems
  • Turning off all lights and electrical devices when the offices are not being used
  • Encouraging staff use of public transport and car–sharing wherever possible

Employee Investment and Equality

Attwells Solicitors is committed to ensuring that its legal work carried out by well–trained and qualified employees. All staff are provided access to the review of their training needs and external courses and qualifications. All Attwells Solicitors are pursuing some form of further professional development.

Internal promotion is encouraged and is demonstrable by the fact that all of the Partners and Senior Management Team of Attwells trained at Attwells.

Attwells operate a monthly bonus scheme for all their employees to encourage and reward performance of the firm as a whole.

Attwells Solicitors encourages a healthy work–life balance and encourages this with a regular monthly social event for all staff and Christmas party at the cost of the Partners.

The firm is committed to treating all staff equally and complying with its own stringent anti–discrimination policy. Attwells Solicitors LLP does not tolerate discrimination of any kind for any reason.

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