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Professional Negligence

25 March 2011
Have you been let down by a professional?

Have you been let down by a professional instructed by you to protect and look after your interests? Joseph Brightman of Attwells Solicitors gives an overview of professional negligence claims.

Specialist professionals are involved with all aspects of life, for both businesses and individuals.

Whether you are an individual home buyer instructing a surveyor to complete a homebuyers report on the condition of a property you intend to purchase, a business instructing a solicitor to incorporate agreed terms into a lease of office space or a large company instructing accountants to prepare tax returns before a deadline, you place your trust in each of those professionals in the same way.

The reason you often pay such a high fee to these professionals is for access to their specialist knowledge and expertise. You place a great deal of trust in their judgment and in them carrying out their job properly. Failure by them to do their job to that standard often results in a direct financial loss to you.

The principles behind the provision of each of these professional’s services is exactly the same, notwithstanding the wide variety of different services they offer.

You are entitled to assume that the professional performs their service to the standard expected of a reasonably competent professional in that field. If you can demonstrate that the professional’s work has fallen below that standard and you have suffered a loss, then this exposes the professional to a claim for that loss. This is the essence of a professional negligence claim.

What happens when it all goes wrong?

You may feel that a claim against that professional would be very expensive or very difficult to win. That is not always the case.

When you contact Attwells, we will conduct a review of the claim and whether there is merit in a professional negligence claim. If there is, we will consider offering you a “No Win No Fee” style agreement which allows you to retain 100% of your compensation and interest. Further details will be supplied on request.

We will explain clearly the process, timescales and costs of the claim together with what our view is on the prospects of success. Our specialist and experienced lawyers can deal with the negotiation of a settlement with the robust approach you would expect.

Whatever the problem you can be sure that you will be treated with Attwells’ fair approach and with a specialist lawyer who is able to understand quickly the key issues of your professional negligence claim.

Contact Joseph Brightman at Attwells Solicitors on 01473 746083 or for a free half hour consultation about your particular problem.

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